Lack of energy management could mean SMEs miss out

Small businesses across the UK could be missing out on potential energy savings, purely because they do not have enough time to devote to getting the best deals.


That is according to Opus Energy who revealed that 24% of SMEs are on out-of-contract rates while 81% do not shop around for the best deals.


Furthermore 12% have never switched providers, meaning they could be paying more than is required for their energy needs.


The Business Boost report also suggested that the majority of SMEs are aware of the need to manage their energy use in a more efficient way.


This is reflected by the majority having a positive attitude towards renewable energy solutions – 78% of the 500 SMEs surveyed are keen to be supplied by such methods.


Of those wanting renewable energy technologies, 40% want to reduce their environmental impact while 38% want to advance their green credentials.


There are a wide range of options available and many of them are relatively simple to implement, allowing companies to make near instant savings.


This could mean companies are capable of making savings on their energy bills from an early stage, reducing unnecessary expenditure and easing the burden on company finances.


Business restructuring methods could help to highlight any of this spending while considering all the available options could help produce further savings.


These methods are positive for the bottom line of a business and can help to improve the likelihood of long term success.


Using smart meters to measure usage can make energy management easier, while it also reduces the chances of bills being overestimated.


Of the businesses that already use smart meters, 44% believe they help them to better track their energy consumption which means savings can be made as a result.


Winter is often a period when a greater amount of energy is used, so finding ways to reduce consumption can help to negate some of these effects.


Even actions as simple as tuning off the lights or not leaving machinery on standby could produce significant savings in the long term.


By Phil Smith


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