Independent Business Reviews

Businesses of any size can experience a reversal in fortune. That’s why many companies (and their creditors and lenders too) come to us for Independent Business Reviews (or IBRs).

An IBR is designed to take an unbiased look at a company’s finances, assets and forecasts, and develop a strategy for a more financially secure future. Whether it’s tailored to a particular situation or forms part of a general health check, a Moorfields IBR will take all your potential risks into account, and help you come up with stronger, practical approaches to future.


Who can request an IBR?

IBRs are usually requested by financial institutions such as investment banks, private equity firms, and commercial banks holding secured debt. However, any manager, owner or creditor holding a financial interest in a business can request one.


Why are IBRs requested?

IBRs are usually carried out when businesses are:

  • Looking to refinance or raise additional finance
  • Dealing with difficult trading / cash flow circumstances
  • Negotiating future credit support
  • Considering additional exit plans and/or investment strategies
  • Facing potential breaches of covenant
  • Looking to review their asset or portfolio quality management
  • Reconsidering their future strategy and the long and short term options available to them


Why work with Moorfields?

  • Remarkable advice from independent experts with history in the finance sector
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Sustainable, practical financial strategies
  • Support with rebuilding trust between you and your financial stakeholders
  • Fixed fees, no surprises