Solvent Restructuring

Reorganisation doesn’t have to be a burden

We understand that there often comes a point in a company’s journey where changing structure and creating new entities could be desirable. This could be to branch out to a new service area, separate assets or take advantage of tax reliefs.

Overtime these entities can then come to the end of their useful life often leaving complicated group structures and unwanted operational costs.

Whether you’re a company director, shareholder or accountant seeking assistance with a client, our specialists are here to help solvent businesses restructure their organisations.


What issues could you be facing and choosing the right option?

If your company has:

  • Additional and avoidable excess compliance
  • Wasted management time and administrative costs
  • Unnecessary financial reporting requirements
  • Would like to return capital to share holders

A Members Voluntary Liquidation could help. Corporate Simplification allows directors and shareholders to remove a company from the group to simplify its structure and reduce any cost or compliance burden.


If your company  

  • needs to divide key assets
  • has shareholders or business owners with conflicting aspirations
  • would like to remove the burden or risk associated with one business from another
  • is preparing for a sale or you wish to exit the business

A Section 110 could help you restructure your organisation. 


If your company:

  • is dormant with assets of less than £25,000

A strike-off can help bring unwanted companies to a formal end and distribute assets.