Would you hire anyone from The Apprentice for your business?

It’s that time of year again when Alan Sugar’s annual search for a new investment hits our screens in the form of The Apprentice.


The new series saw 16 business hopefuls take the start line as they battle to impress the top man and grab the opportunity to share their business idea with him, hopefully gaining the necessary investment to get it off the ground.


But is the format in place a genuinely good way to determine who the best candidate is? Would you actually hire anyone from the programme or trust them with something like a business restructuring process?


Too many cooks….


There is certainly a strong argument that 16 people might be a slightly excessive number of candidates with which to begin the process. It is definitely difficult to stand out within a group of this size, with a small group of personalities tending to come to the surface each year and overshadowing the rest at the earliest stage of proceedings.


Getting down to the nitty-gritty


Once a few weeks have passed and the group has thinned out sufficiently, it is highly likely that the loudest characters (who aren’t usually the best equipped candidates) will have been dismissed and we will be left with the cream of the crop. This is the point where it becomes considerably easier to assess the calibre of candidates in finer detail.


If your company is conducting a group interview, it is important to find a way to determine those candidates who are genuine contenders for the role/roles as quickly and effectively as possible.


The current series is only a few episodes in, but already it is difficult to assess what the general level of talent is. It may be a few weeks until we can truly decide whether there is anyone from this series that we would even consider hiring!


Business restructuring specialists


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