Working towards a sustainable business

Sustainable business solutions can help to save a great deal of money in the long run if incorporated into a business in the correct manner.


While some measures such as turning lights and technology off when not in use might appear to be obvious solutions, there are other ways of saving as well.


Making the most of natural light in office spaces is essential to saving on electricity costs, and is a relatively simple solution in an office with plenty of windows.


Not using lighting during the day when the weather is good can save a great deal over the course of a year, while not keeping technology in standby mode can also save on energy usage.


Such measures require very little effort from the workforce and can be easily implemented in businesses that are determined to become more sustainable.


These savings can quickly build up over time and can be spent on more important aspects of business such as research, brand engagement or sales.  


All of these will impact on the bottom line, so reducing pressure on the cash flow of a business can also reduce the likelihood of requiring business restructuring methods at a later date.  


Where concerns over finances do exist, businesses are encouraged to seek assistance from experts as soon as possible in order to reduce long term risks.


If your business is looking at sustainability, recycling and reducing waste can help – while it may not necessarily save money, members of the business can be assured that they are at least doing their bit for the environment.


Given concerns around global warming and what will happen to the mountains of waste produced in the UK, recycling even small amounts can help in the long term.


Cutting costs on other assets in the office is also possible – for example, the purchasing of second-hand furniture at reduced costs.


For desks, chairs and other items that are still in good condition, they will do exactly the same job as something that has been purchased as brand new.


By Phil Smith


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