Working smartly to ensure business success

Finding the best ways of dividing time to cover a multitude of issues is key to the running of a business, either as a start-up or once it is established.


While it might mean long hours, often the only reason for long days is as a result of poor time management.


Managing several aspects of a job at once can help save time compared to doing each task one after the next, while getting caught up in long email chains is another thing to avoid.


Working for longer is not necessarily the key to success, it’s all about being smart with the time available.


Prioritising people


Communications technology has improved drastically across the past few decades, and it means more people are contactable for larger periods of time.


This can mean it’s very easy for business owners to get distracted, so deciding on the key issues that need addressing is important.


The same applies with social media – while it is great to be able to advertise and liaise with customers and clients, it can also take up a considerable portion of the day if care is not taken.


This can restrict potential sales, one of the key aspects to ensure that any business is not left facing company administration or other formats of possible financial strife.




Trying to juggle many different tasks can waste a lot of time in terms of finding relative information, but outsourcing or finding alternatives could be a better option.


If other staff are knowledgeable about certain issues then there is no reason why they could not take on some additional responsibility.


Focusing on customers that bring returns to the company should also be a priority and any problematic clients could end up being more trouble than they are worth.


Identifying where time is being wasted can help to suggest what changes are required, which can then help to boost finances and returns in the long run.


Small changes could make a massive difference to a lot of companies, improving their financial situations and their output while widespread corporate restructuring methods could have a similar effect.


By Phil Smith


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