Why tech SMEs should turn to the Cloud to boost security

Small businesses across the UK could enhance the protection of business and customer information by switching to the cloud, an EU Agency has claimed.


The European Union Agent for Network and Information Security (ENISA) has said SMEs stand to gain by using professional services, instead of their own data processing and storage.


The agency suggests that processes can be simplified which reduces costs for firms operating with cloud services.


Advanced security measures also help to ensure that important data is protected, as it could damage the reputation of a business should sensitive data fall into the wrong hands.


Opting for cloud technology services can also help business to identify any IT issues at an early stage and then take actions to minimise their impacts if needed.


This can be incredibly important if unauthorised access is gained to the system whereby sensitive information could be under threat.


New approaches


Having 24-hour technical personnel on standby can be expensive but security measures with the cloud become affordable as the costs are shared with more customers.


Enhanced security measures can also help to reduce a company’s exposure to cyber attacks – something that can have dramatic impacts on finances as issues can be costly to put right.


For smaller firms who lack sufficient finances to deal with these types of issues, good financial management is essential to ensure that some emergency funds are available.


If extra funds are not in place, firms cloud face the threat of insolvency as money is not available to overcome the problems they face.


Seeking advice from professionals may highlight particular areas of the company where savings can be made – these funds can then be spent on additional security technology.


In a highly competitive technology marketplace, protecting data and information can be what sets one business aside from another, so the importance of security should not be underestimated.


Opting for cloud services can boost security and business efficiency, and should be considered as an option by any firm who fears a security breach.


By Phil Smith


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