Why SMEs should not ignore older workers

Mature professionals can bring much needed expertise and experience to many office spaces according to a new study, and their input does not go unnoticed by their colleagues either.


According to CV-Library, employees over the age of 60 make a vital contribution to thousands of the UK’s small businesses, yet many in this age bracket are struggling to find work.


The findings in the study highlighted that 92.2% of the UK’s workforce are thankful for the essential contribution of older people in achieving business goals.


More than three quarters of those questioned said that older workers possess knowledge, wisdom and organisational skills that are not found among many younger staff too.


Widespread respect is shown towards those aged 60 or over by workers in the UK, but many businesses are seemingly not prepared to hire from within this age bracket.


Many workers suggested that their experience counts for very little and even said that their age is a hindrance to them finding employment.


Tackling age discrimination is recognised as an issue that needs to be tackled in the UK and businesses that approach it positively are those most likely to benefit.


Ignoring older members of the workforce could put small businesses at a distinct disadvantage as their added experience and knowhow can help drive sales and boost operations.


Their capabilities to boost business could help ease any burdens on the cash flow of a business while ideas from the past could be what is required to drive further success.


For a company that is struggling, this knowledge could be what is required to stave off company administration or the need for alternative financial support.


Firms in difficulty are advised to seek support from insolvency practitioners as well though, as options may exist that can aid their situation.


For SMEs therefore, putting the recruitment of older staff at the forefront of the agenda could be just the boost they need.


By Phil Smith


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