Why SMEs need to focus on staff management

The summer period can be an odd one for many small businesses, as many clients and staff often choose to jet off on their holidays.


This not only increases workloads for staff that do not travel, but it can also delay work proceedings as the necessary employees are not around to complete deals.


As a result, business may slow and this can impact upon cash flows at firms who operate on tight budgets, making management a vital part of summer planning.


Devising a strategy that ensures that efficiency, productivity and profits do not drop is an essential for every business owner.


September can often be a difficult month to manage too, as taking later holidays is increasingly common – both among those booking quiet trips outside of the school holidays and also among those on the lookout for a bargain.


It means that many businesses can face several months of staff disruption every summer and plans must be made accordingly to ensure that shutdowns do not occur.


Business owners should also plan for time away themselves, as one in five revealed they haven’t taken more than a week off in the last five years, according to Worldpay.


Taking time off allows an individual to feel refreshed and relaxed, while also helping to reduce stress and any other pressures related to the workplace.


This means they are more likely to be productive when trying to manage effectively, a factor that should also provide financial benefits to their business in the long term.


Managing a workforce effectively should mean that staff can plug any gaps and limit any disruption noted by the company too.


Should a small business be forced to shut down for a short period or run with limited staff, then it could see financial losses – potentially even leading to receivership or insolvency in severe cases.


This threat is particularly profound among businesses that operate on very tight budgets as they are less likely to be capable of dealing with any downtime.


Technology is one option that can help enhance the management process, as it enables business owners to plan more effectively for periods of staff absence.


By Phil Smith


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