Why ‘smart’ recruitment is so important for businesses

Throughout the recession the job market fell flat as many companies were simply not in a position to recruit new staff.


Instead, when they did look to hire, they looked for staff that were able to fulfill several roles, meaning they could shoulder more responsibility.


This ‘smart’ recruitment wave suggests a focus on cutting unnecessary costs by employing staff who are capable of fulfilling two or three different roles. 


As a result, while more training might be required, the costs of the recruitment process drop while the amount required in wages also falls accordingly.


Businesses were hit hard by the financial crisis – reflected by the increased numbers of companies entering administration and disappearing from both the high street and online mediums.


Now, as the economy starts to recover, the focus is on shifting with the times and boosting sales and profits accordingly.


Multi-skilled staff


A vital part of this revolves around having the right workforce in place to achieve it, and that means have multi-skilled staff who are capable of dealing with any potential issues.


It’s very easy to fill a role with an individual who is especially skilled in that particular way of working, but should the company develop, they might not necessarily be the right candidate anymore.


That is why recruiting people with a range of skills is considered so important now, as the business world is changing at pace thanks to widespread technological innovations.


Businesses that choose to recruit without considering the future could end up suffering financially, and could place further strain on an already tightened budget in most cases.


Recruiting in a smart fashion is just one way that businesses can look to cut costs, while saving on energy outlay is another possibility to consider.


However companies choose to save, having an effective workforce in place as a result of a clever recruitment scheme will almost certainly have long-term benefits.


By Phil Smith


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