Why small businesses shouldn’t be scared of switching energy supplier

Energy costs are one of the major outlays for most businesses and without careful management firms can end up paying more than is necessary.


Ultimately this impacts on the bottom line running costs of a company and can significantly eat into profits, which is why hunting for the best deals is essential.


Switching is a far more straight-forward process than it used to be and this means competition between suppliers has improved as a result.


As far as businesses are concerned, seeing what is available and then acting accordingly is the first step towards reducing energy bills and unnecessary costs.


Electricity, water, gas and utility services need to be carefully managed to ensure a company is getting value for money.


This is especially apparent in smaller firms who may be paying for energy and services they do not actually use.


In instances where finance is not readily available, any savings can help to alleviate any financial pressures that a company might be facing.


If finances are particularly tight, considering business restructuring could be an option as it would enable the business to be streamlined, boosting efficiency in the process.


Switching to cheaper or more efficient deals is just the start, and the ease of the process means firms should not be worried about looking to renegotiate contracts or move to better deals.


Other energy saving measures


There are several simple steps that can help to reduce bills too, such as turning off lighting and heating systems when the offices are not in use.


Alternatively, some can be managed remotely or set on timers, increasing the efficiency of the office as less energy would be needed.


Using more efficient bulbs also helps to reduce demand for electricity while turning off appliances when not in use rather than leaving them in standby mode can also result in considerable savings.


These measures are all relatively simple but they can cut energy bills drastically for firms looking to make small savings.


Any finances can then be spent on other aspects of the business that might encourage further growth, such as marketing or sales drives.


By Phil Smith


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