Why having the basics isn’t enough when it comes to technology

Using technology to drive business is nothing new, but the latest reports suggest that there are certain ways of going about it.


Without doubt, the use of technology can enhance a business, from providing an additional platform for sales to managing finances and advertising products.


However, just sticking to the basics might not be enough, as a business could be missing out on a number of sales and marketing techniques that could drive investment at a previously unseen rate.


Selling will ultimately decide what sort of position a company finds itself in – one that sells will inevitably be seen as more successful than one which does not.


Taking advantage of internet possibilities


The key to driving this is the use of the internet – search engines and well-managed websites can direct custom in any particular direction.


Meanwhile, the correct content can be a vital part of appearing prominently in search rankings; an essential part of raising awareness of a company.


Having a website is one thing, but if it doesn’t send potential customers in the right direction then you are unlikely to reach anywhere near your potential.  


A study from Browser Media suggested that nearly 80% of small businesses see their websites as being critical to success, yet only 43% are actively investing in online platforms.


Reaching out to potential custom


The potential of the web, and of exposing a business to it, could have a dramatic impact on the bottom line, bringing in funds from previously untapped sources.


According to the Lloyd’s Bank UK Business Digital Index, there is a positive correlation between digital maturity and an SME’s confidence – a factor that cannot be overlooked.


It certainly appears as though people are aware that the internet can help their businesses, they are just unaware of the extent to which it may provide assistance.


As a result, businesses could stand to miss out, potentially costing them a great deal in missed revenue and risking potential business insolvency in some more severe circumstances.


A revolution in the digital market may not be far off, stemming from the need to engage with customers and drive sales on a whole multitude of different platforms.


By Phil Smith


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