Ways of working on company sustainability

Developing sustainable business plans can be pivotal in ensuring that long-term success for a company is possible.


With the global financial climate still in the early days of recovery following the recession, cutting out unnecessary costs and finding a competitive advantage can be crucial.


Cost efficiency is just one aspect of sustainability, as it also has the potential to boost financial performance, adding value to the company, as long as it is done in the correct manner.


Smaller businesses can find it a little bit more difficult due to their lower placing in the supply chain, while ensuring sustainability can be key to averting the risks of company insolvency.


In certain cases, entering administration or receivership can pose restrictions on companies, so restructuring around sustainable business plans are seen as a more viable solution.


Taking a broad approach


The key for many companies is to take a broad view on sustainability and to realise that it can come in many forms and impact many different people.


At the same time it’s also important that all individuals involved understand the point of undertaking sustainability measures, or there would be very little point in implementing them.


This means customers, suppliers, investors and employees will need to understand the company vision in order to increase the chances of sustainability concepts being embraced.


Assessing available options


Help is available for many companies, regardless of their size or profile, so embracing the available options is seen as a fundamental part of laying the foundations for sustainable solutions.


Backing these initiatives can help them to really take off, so doing things on a step-by-step basis can help to make sure all aspects of plans are covered.


Efficiency tends to go hand in hand with stability and sustainability, so simple actions such as reducing wastage levels and lowering fuel bills can play a big part.


Reducing costs and developing long-term value are the key aspects of sustainability and if done in the right way it has the potential to massively enhance the reputation of a business. 


By Phil Smith


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