Things to consider when moving business to the cloud

Around 90% of businesses are now using cloud-based applications according to new research, but many firms remain confused over how best to implement it.


Workspace management firm Centrix Software suggested many firms are unsure of how a move to the cloud should be prioritised.


Firms lack an understanding of which apps are best and how payment terms work, as well as admitting concerns over the risks, claim Centrix.


Purchasing and managing cloud applications can aid a company significantly, with business users and IT departments often sharing responsibility.


Users are involved in 53% of cloud app decisions and hold direct responsibility for 33% of the budget while a further 27% will be jointly managed with other departments.


Gartner has also backed up these findings by suggesting that IT spending that is not controlled by chief information officers at leading business will double in the next two years.


Despite the growth, it is not without concern, as content security and governance issues remain according to the survey.


However, if implemented properly the use of cloud can drastically improve efficiency and productivity for a business.


Focusing on security


Security needs to be expertly managed as sensitive data can become a lot more accessible if the necessary safeguards are not in place.


This information could disrupt operations and even place companies under severe financial pressure should it find its way into the wrong hands.


Careful management of the system is required to ensure limited access to such files, while employees should be warned over the potential consequences of their actions.


The reputation of a company could be ruined should it be found to not be protecting its client data, which in turn could lead to a reduction in sales and cash flow.


In these instances restructuring a business may help to alleviate some of the issues and concerns faced, enabling continued trading.


Should services and data be moved in the correct fashion though, using cloud services can enable greater productivity and innovation, as workers can work on the move.


For design and development companies, this can be exceptionally beneficial.


By Phil Smith


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