The key to effective recruiting for small firms

Recruiting the right members to your small and select team is a pivotal part of expanding your SME and ensuring that you build a strong brand reputation in your sector.


Committing to a contract too early for somebody who does not fit in or looking in the wrong places for the wrong people are very real risks within the world of recruiting. Such a move may only serve to hamper the prospects of your SME growing in the near future.


So, how can you avoid these pitfalls and ensure that you apply an effective recruitment strategy?


The value of an internship


An internship can be a very valuable tool for any small firm when recruiting, but also for the new starter themselves. By offering a trial internship you give the person the opportunity to see if they enjoy the role and fully understand just what is expected of them. At the same time your company can gauge whether they are the correct fit for the company…before potentially committing to a full-time appointment.


Place a premium on experience


For a business which may be struggling, experience of your sector and its specific demands are absolutely crucial. You may not have the time or resources to train someone from scratch and placing a high value on experience above all other criteria could be a notably shrewd move.


Character v qualifications


When assessing potential candidates it is definitely as good idea to try and find someone who strikes an ideal balance between having the right academic credentials as well as a good personality. Hiring someone who may be very strong in one of these areas but weak in another could have potential consequences for your business. There is nothing wrong with waiting until your find the right person either, a bit of patience could be a crucial quality in your pursuit of the ideal candidate.


Corporate restructuring specialists


A corporate restructuring service can assist business leaders to deliver sustainable solutions for their business in strained financial times. They can also offer specialist help for creditors in establishing financial solutions when a business is placed into administration.


By Phil Smith


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