The importance of mobile strategies for small businesses

More small businesses than ever before are recognising the importance of mobile strategies, according to a new survey by eBay.


The online seller spoke to internet businesses and discovered that a quarter of SMEs are planning to introduce mobile optimised sites in the next 12 months.


Mobile shopping is becoming increasingly popular and firms that lack the necessary tools could be missing out on vital sales opportunities.


By the end of 2015, more than half of small businesses with an online presence will have a mobile strategy to go with it, boosting sales in the process.


Of firms with mobile sites, 45% reported a rise in sales conversions with one in ten reporting increases of 20% or more.


Taking advantage of the increased opportunities that come with mobile sales can be key to boosting the cash flow through a business.


The initial costs for the creation of optimised sites should, in theory, be recouped relatively quickly, so it could remain an option even for firms in financial difficulty.


Business restructuring could be used as a method to free up funds and revitalise strategies too, especially if cash flow issues are causing constant distress month-on-month.


When considering the mobile marketplace, the vital part of any site is to ensure that key information such as contact details and directions are displayed prominently.


Similarly, any purchasing systems should be easy to use and relatively quick, while the site itself should simple, both in terms of content and layout.


Mobile platforms vary massively from regular websites, as there are limits to how information is stored and displayed.


Data entry can be a difficult process on a mobile phone too, so where possible businesses should look to limit the amount of information they need.


Opting for mobile sites ahead of mobile applications is also recommended as most users will not want to waste storage and data on an app they don’t use too often.


Given the growth in the mobile sector, optimising sites for a better user experience is seen as an essential part of driving sales and boosting customer experience.


By Phil Smith


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