The importance of demonstrations for small business staff

Demonstrating products and services to potential customers can be the difference between making a sale and not.


One world-leading sales training organisation has even suggested that 70% of lost sales could be down to a lack of a proper demonstration.


Live demonstrations can be used by businesses to showcase products and to highlight how they can fit into a customer’s home or business.


Not only does this technique increase the likelihood of them making a purchase but it also provides reassurances that the product does as advertised.


Sales Commando suggests that complacency or a lack of confidence could be the main reasons for a lack of demonstrations.


Tailoring demonstrations to particular customers could help to boost sales, as could providing solutions which help to solve any issues the firms might be facing.


The research also suggested that some sales staff want to avoid demonstrations through a fear of getting it wrong.


Ultimately however, showcasing a product is more likely to lead to sales than failing to demonstrate it properly.


Low sales can impact on bottom line figures too and a continuous lack of selling could place a firm under financial strain.


In more extreme instances, business restructuring may be required so that funds can be managed more effectively to produce better outcomes.


Sales pitches can prove difficult if a sales person lacks knowledge about a product, which is when having someone with technical expertise can help with the demonstration.


Showcasing existing examples of successful work is another great way to drive sales as it demonstrates that a product is capable of delivering on any promises made.


For small businesses especially, when finances are tight and building a brand is paramount, using live demonstrations could make all the difference.


Closing sales could provide the foundations required for rapid business growth while also creating a reputation for a particular brand.


Overcoming sales fears and focusing on the essential aspects of selling is what helps a company to stand out in a competitive marketplace, especially for start-ups searching for new business.


By Phil Smith


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