The importance of building a positive online profile for your business

Every modern-day business should be aware of the power which an online profile can have in terms of building your reputation.


Ensuring that at least a few members of your team have the ability to use different online formats to get messages out there and incite debate among your followers/customers is vital.


However, in precisely the same way that a positive online profile can have a positive impact on the way your company is perceived, a negative one can have significant consequences.


So, how can you make you make sure that people are talking about your online status for the right reasons rather than the wrong ones?


Choosing your language carefully


The language and specific phrases which you choose when compiling comments on your website, twitter feed or any other platform are hugely important. Treading carefully is essential as it’s very easy for somebody to interpret something as offensive when you were simply aiming for ‘edgy’. This is particularly true when you are attempting to start a debate among your followers, it’s fine to ask probing questions but always gauge opinion from around the office before committing to something which you may live to regret.


Taking small steps initially


You may have grand ambitions to eventually get to a point where your company is represented across numerous different online formats, but it is probably a good idea to take things slowly from the outset. Even if you think that you have a decent amount of knowledge regarding how to present yourself in an online capacity, spreading yourself too thickly at the very beginning could result in financial and logistical confusion. A vast number of companies may end up facing company administration because they didn’t plan effectively and take small steps from the very beginning, this is particularly true if you are considering how much to initially invest in your wider online profile. 


Corporate recovery specialists


Establishing an online presence which reflects favourably on your company is one of the key aspects of the new business landscape. As one of the UK’s leading restructuring and insolvency specialists, Moorfields can advise businesses on how to adapt to the constantly evolving demands of the new landscape and the wider economy.  


By Phil Smith


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