The changing face of office space

The way people work is changing, thanks in part to the introduction of superfast broadband, meaning businesses need to adjust in order to keep up.


There was once a time when being in an office was a requirement for a job role – as all the technology would be in place that would allow people to work.


However, with superfast broadband in the home, that particular need for an office is disappearing, as staff can do a similar role from their own home.


As a result, the main function of an office needs to be a space where staff can get together to enhance their working capabilities.


This means the atmosphere in an office has almost completely changed from a decade – or even several years – ago.


Now, the social aspects of colleagues readily communicating are deemed to be really important, as it promotes the sharing of ideas and enhanced teamwork.


Making space to encourage thinking and creativity


Getting people to think strategically and to run through planning options is an essential part of businesses reaching their goals.


Those that fail to adapt to the ever changing workplace could miss out on some new ideas and innovations, ultimately leaving a company facing a number of challenges.


Insolvency practitioners could eventually be required for those companies that continue to bleed money, while turnaround techniques could bring about the necessary changes.


There is always a fine balance between creating the best office environment and making one that actually limits creativity.


An office that is too far from the norm could inhibit the potential of staff and actually do more harm than good.


However, the best offices are often created via a long process of trial and error, by finding what works, and inevitably what doesn’t.


Flexible office space is the answer in the modern business world, an area capable of being changed at a moment’s notice to fit the needs of a company and its staff.


By Phil Smith


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