Tackling workplace stress to boost productivity

Stress in the workplace can have a number of negative effects on a business, putting it high on the list of any issues that need attending to.


Looking into the issues can then have a positive effect if it boosts productivity among the workforce – an important factor in driving long-term success.


A starting point therefore, is to identify the issues that are stressing out workers and then to look at how they could be improved.


Among the main issues identified in a survey by LondonOffices.com were long hours, too much work and unhappy customers.


While the latter is difficult to control, the initial two issues can be solved by altering what is expected of any individual.


Leaving work at the end of a long-day can leave anyone feeling unmotivated and overworked, so efforts should be made to ease the burden in these types of situation.


Having too much to do can also stress out a worker and it can result in them taking more time than is truly necessary to complete tasks.


Overflowing to-do lists made the list of stresses, as did a poor office environment, as respondents said they were stressed as a result of the awkward dynamics experienced.


Constantly tight deadlines, technology issues and office conditions including bad lighting and small desks were also named as stress-inducing factors.


Businesses have a responsibility to tackle workplace stress and many of the issues are relatively easy to solve.


Once done, the workforce can be particularly more effective, showing extra creativity and productivity that can drive a business forward.


Alternatively, a firm could choose to ignore such issues and could struggle as a result as it would be a lot more difficult to keep workers happy.


It could also potentially mean lost revenue for a company, a factor that could prove far more risky for businesses operating on very tight budgets.


For those in particular difficulty, seeking advice from an insolvency practitioner could help find some meaningful solutions to the financial problems at hand.


Businesses should encourage their workforces to speak out about the issues they face – not only does this create a more tightly-knit workforce, but it can also reduce stress levels considerably.


By Phil Smith


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