Saving the Great British pub

The pub industry has struggled massively in the years following the introduction of the smoking ban, while the impact of the recession has also taken its toll.


As a result, a number of pubs have implemented a range of restructuring methods to try and continue trading at all costs.


A range of new restructuring ideas


Many have been forced to turn to wider ranges, as well as offering many different foods in a bid to stay trading.


Currently, more than 25 pubs are closing every week as landlords can no longer afford to run them as a viable business.


The pub was originally the hub of a community, where people could meet and relax in surroundings that were different to the ones experienced at home.


But in many cases this is no longer the case, as people are abandoning the traditional pub scene in favour of cheaper supermarket alcohol.


The introduction of the smoking ban in July 2007 led to a dramatic decrease in the amount of people visiting pubs, while those in ‘out of town’ areas continue to struggle in the wake of tighter drink driving laws.


Those that do survive also have the struggle of being placed under pressure by larger establishments, who are often able to undercut them on prices.


Better times ahead?


It is not all bad news though, as 100 pubs were recently given a new lease of life in the form of a protected status.


Local councils awarded them as Assets of Community Value, meaning the pub cannot be sold without the local community being informed first.


Those expanding their products seem to be experiencing some growth, while those incorporating food into their offering are also staving off the effects of the recession.


Corporate recovery specialists


Moorfields Corporate Recovery has a vast amount of experience working within the licensed sector, having dealt with various types of establishments including pubs, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs.


By Phil Smith


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