Outsourcing IT to promote business growth

Adopting the latest IT technology can be a vital part of driving business growth by enabling a company to react faster to questions and queries.


Outsourcing the latest infrastructure is also increasingly common, with new research suggesting that as many as 60% of SMEs in the UK have already done so.


Node4, a data centre and communications specialist, calculated that there are more than 31,000 SMEs in the UK, meaning that nearly 19,000 have outsourced all, or some, of their IT services.


Furthermore, one in ten has now adopted cloud-based IT solutions, believing that the flexibility and efficiency of such processes stand to be money-savers in the long run. This can be particularly true in relation to the way in which an SME looks at its accounts.


The report, entitled ‘Facing up to the IT infrastructure challenge’ suggests that confidence among SMEs is at a high point and that many want to take advantage of technology to drive growth.


Finding ways of driving growth is vital to long-term success and sustainable sales levels, or winding up a company could be the next logical step.


Cashing in on potential


In such instances, failing to tap into the right markets or missing out on potential sales could be disastrous, which is why having the correct IT services for the job is essential.


Modern systems that simplify the basic processes can enhance a company’s ability to succeed, while reducing the prospects of administrative measures.


Some aspects of business are intrinsically tied to IT resources and these are often the parts which can provide a significant return for a company, if done in the correct manner.


IT has changed from having a supporting role to being a driver of business in more recent times, and it would appear that a growing number of businesses are taking note of the changes.


Discovering solutions that can win more business, help to beat competition and place a company in a strong economic position are highly sought after.


Evolving technological infrastructures is just one such approach, with outsourcing the key components an increasingly common venture.


Keeping pace with technology is vital to long-term survival and is why IT outsourcing could prove to be a solid foundation for many small businesses.


By Phil Smith


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