One third of businesses aren’t offering formal learning

Almost one third of business (31%) could be holding themselves back by failing to provide formal learning programmes to their staff.


According to analysis, industries where Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is not vital rarely offer formal learning opportunities and this can lead to numerous problems in the workplace.


As well as leaving staff underequipped to deal with the evolving challenges of modern workplaces, poor formal learning choices can result in low morale and even feelings of demotivation.


This can affect performance and efficiency throughout the whole business and highlights the important of offering structured, formal training.


Addressing cost concerns


Understandably, the cost of training programmes can often be a deterrent to businesses who are always mindful of their bottom line.


Yet, while an initial outlay may be required, this cost needs to be evaluated against the long term financial benefits which can be gained by training employees to higher standards.


Balancing the books to ensure any expenditures are recouped through added benefits can help prevent the need to consider business rescue measures which may be required when a company simply overspends or fails to spend in the right areas, i.e. staff.


Firms need to be aware of the different training programmes currently available – some of which can be subsidised– and recognise how focusing on their staff could lead to future stability.


John Woodward, CEO of employee benefits firm Busy Bee Benefits, hypothesised that UK businesses fail to offer formal learning programmes because “[they] just don’t know these employee benefit schemes exist” or how to get involved with them.


“Having a strong employee benefits offering is now even more important as the economy begins to recover from the recession,” he said.


“As a result of this growth, employees now have wider career options and may start to explore the expanding job market if they feel they could increase their value elsewhere”.


Businesses must therefore focus on their training offerings and ensure they invest in their staff to retain vital employees and encourage future growth.


By Phil Smith


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