One in four managers reveal business admin struggles

Administrative tasks are proving to be a significant burden to many business owners and managers across the UK, according to a new study.

Data from telecommunications firm Immervox has revealed that a quarter of managers say that administration tasks are a drain on time and resources.

The issue is particularly paramount among smaller firms, with 35% of managers suggesting they spend too much time on paperwork and red tape.

This causes problems for businesses as managers were found to be spending three times as much time on admin than they were on customer services.

Having spoken with 144 senior managers from companies across the UK, the management pressures and productivity survey focused on what aspects business do not perform to full potential.

Whereas small business managers revealed that tasks were spread evenly across the spectrum of work, those at larger firms were able to focus on innovative, planning and customer service.

These three factors help to drive sales and ease the financial pressures places on a business, as managers are able to find the solutions to any problems they face.

This is simply not possible at smaller businesses and the high levels of administrative tasks can mean firms are left facing financial difficulties as staff lack the time to deal with issues.

Investment in IT systems is also key for ensuring that growth is not hindered, especially when the majority of administrative tasks are expected to be more technological in the years ahead.

If a business is unsure of how to overcome cashflow difficulties or to refinance to boost its growth capabilities, a range of alternative finance options do exist.

Conducting an independent business review can also aid the situation by providing unbiased insight into a company’s finances, assets and forecasts.

The study revealed that adaptability, rapid innovation, embracing remote working and digital transformation driven by the Internet of Things are expected to be the main IT innovation trends in the coming 12 months.

All of these harness the potential to significantly improve business output and performance, and should ultimately help support the longevity of a firm.

By Phil Smith

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