Learning from the big boys – how SMEs can benefit

Larger companies will do things on a larger scale than smaller companies – simple logic dictates that – but those smaller firms can learn a lot from those above them in the pecking order.


SMEs are said to be at the forefront of the economic recovery and that is not surprising given that there are around six million of them in the UK.


Larger companies will tend to deal with larger financial figures and will have more money available for specialist causes and projects.


While SMEs cannot invest on such a level, they can still recognise how specialists in certain departments of larger companies can draw in additional sales and profit.


In most cases, the key is to focus on niche market areas as they promote the best chance of developing a product that the consumer wants.


This can drive sales and ultimately profit – two areas of fundamental importance to the early success of smaller companies.


Controlled levels of management


At that stage, when finances are low it is important to have staff that are capable of fulfilling several roles in order to prevent unnecessary expenditure.


This is different in larger companies but there will still be individuals who can oversee various different areas of operation.


This controlled level of management reduces the burden placed on the shoulders of any particular individual and ensures that more time is available for cost supervision.


Throughout the supply chain, it’s also important to manage costs carefully, as the vital aspect of business is to ensure goods are purchased and sold at reasonable prices.


Overspending on goods will have negative impact on profits and could even result in losses if sales do not run as predicted.


Constant cash flow issues can ultimately lead to the need for insolvency measures – although these are best carried out quickly rather than left for a prolonged period of time.


This offers the best chance of recovery for the company concerned and keeping a watchful eye on finances should occur in all businesses.


Essentially, any unnecessary spending should be avoided and that requires careful management at all levels, regardless of business size.


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