Inflexible jobs could be costing UK employers

Inflexibility regarding job roles in the UK could mean many firms are missing out on the top talent, a new report has claimed.


Even measures such as giving flexible start and finish times or being able to take time off to attend personal matters would appeal to many workers, the IPPR report claims.


It suggests that 64% of working women in the UK cannot vary their work times while a quarter find it difficult to juggle work and personal matters.


This can impact negatively on productivity in the workplace and on a company’s ability to attract the workers that are best suited for roles.


A lack of part-time work in highly skilled jobs for highly qualified workers is a particular point of concern, according to the report.


These are often the individuals that can drive innovation and business success, especially in smaller firms.


It claims that many workers require flexibility to be able to manage both their work and home lives, and that this problem is particularly prominent among those with young children.


As a result some workers are taking on roles that are below their skill levels as they are flexible, meaning firms are missing out on top talents.


Attracting these individuals can make all the difference and firms in particularly competitive marketplaces can struggle if they cannot recruit as required.


In the worst instances failing to find the right staff can result in financial issues and even the possibility of receivership or insolvency.


Maintaining competitive advantage is essential for businesses and providing flexible opportunities could be one way to achieve it. Among part-time workers especially, such an approach enables them to take care of family members while inputting into the company.


This is beneficial for all parties involved as the firms concerned can look to boost their chances of success by increasing their ability to innovate and progress.


By Phil Smith


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