How to create strong links between a business and the customer

Branding products in the right way is an important part of any sales strategy and it can influence the bottom line of a firm if it is not done correctly.


As has been said previously, the correct advertising and branding campaigns can make all the difference for many businesses.


But encouraging strong links between a customer and a business requires a certain type of marketing, one that builds trust and tickles on the emotional senses.


Getting emotional


Emotional branding can help to create a bond between a person and a product – one that is far more likely to encourage purchasing and return trade.


Essentially, it involves campaigns that look to tap into a consumer’s emotional state, needs and aspirations – the factors likely to influence a purchase.


This creates brand solidity where those purchasing products look to go straight for their favoured brands, ignoring others even though they might be of better quality or cheaper in price.


People are the ones that will drive sales of goods and services, so appealing to as many people as possible encourages the best chances of success.


However, this will also depend on the type of product – male orientated products are not likely to be attractive to females and vice-versa for example.


But where campaigns are not done properly, a great deal of finance can be piled into projects that are not guaranteed to be successful.


In instances when funding is particularly tight, this can lead to a lack of finance for other aspects of the business, or could even open up the possibility of requiring corporate recovery measures in the most extreme circumstances.


Building strong emotional ties within marketing campaigns could therefore have far-wider reaching benefits than more traditional basic methods.


Advertising is more than simply appearing before the eyes of the customer, it needs to lure them in before keeping them long enough to encourage a purchase.


If this can be achieved, the chances of business success are greatly improved and a business is far more likely to notice the resultant positive impacts.


By Phil Smith


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