How SMEs can save energy and money

Every business is consistently looking to save money as that can obviously boost profits, and a good place to start can revolve around tackling energy issues.


Some small changes can potentially result in significant savings and this is beneficial to the companies involved while efficiency can also be improved.


During the earliest days of a company, saving money can help to drive initial success while restructuring a company in the latter days can be the difference between continued trading and company administration


Finding ways to save money could make a drastic difference, and in some cases, only minor changes are required.


Reducing wastage


Ensuring that energy is used in an efficient way might seem fairly straightforward, but many companies waste a considerable amount by leaving lights and other equipment on when they are not required.


Lighting, air conditioning, ventilation systems and heating can all require energy to run and switching them off when not in use could save a significant sum in energy costs.


Put that light out!


It wasn’t just a popular slogan during the Blitz, but turning off lighting when the building is not in use can lead to savings.


At the same time, using energy-efficient technology can save energy. For example, switching to LEDs from halogen bulbs can save up to 80% of energy, while maintenance costs are also driven down.


Protect your fridges


For businesses that require refrigeration, it is important that the air flow for these devices is kept clear and that they are positioned away from heat sources such as radiators.


Both of these aspects can drive up energy use, while there is the potential for stock to be damaged.


Is it too hot?


Heating and ventilation plays a big role in the size of bills that might be expected and preventing heat from escaping can reduce bills.


Open spaces and draughts play a large role in heat loss, while old or poorly maintained boilers can also mean energy is being used unnecessarily.  


At the same time, staff should be encouraged to tackle energy-saving in their own way as innovative ways may lead to long-term savings.


By Phil Smith


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