How Facebook could help small businesses to get ahead

The popularity of social media is nearly impossible to ignore for small businesses, especially when considering the opportunities it can provide.


From marketing products and building good customer relations, having an online presence is almost expected in the modern day and age.


Facebook is one of the simplest tools for small businesses to use, and its services are free – a major factor for those trying to operate on a small budget.


Having a business page helps to raise brand awareness but it does need careful management.


For instance, not regularly updating an account could have negative consequences but getting social media right can far outweigh these risks.


Why consider Facebook


The key is to have a clear plan of action regarding how Facebook will be used.


It could potentially boost sales with well-targeted products and campaigns while it can also help to develop strong relationships with customers.


For small businesses, building a reputation and customer loyalty is one part of developing a scenario where customers return for repeat business and recommend services to others.


Good personal relationships can help to achieve this, especially if it’s possible to provide quick and efficient responses to any customer queries.


Given the reach of Facebook across the globe, using it can help to open up export opportunities and new markets too.


One thing to remember is that while setting up a Facebook page is free, additional costs can be incurred further down the line and these should be carefully considered.


Entering new markets can be costly for instance and might require business restructuring to ensure that all processes remain financially viable.


Alternatively, opting for other marketing options to accompany a Facebook campaign may also need finances to ensure it is successful.


While these approaches will often depend on the levels of finances available, taking a half-hearted attitude may not necessarily yield the best results.


However, having an active online presence could help boost sales and customer relations, potentially being a key driver of future success.


By Phil Smith


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