How does flexibility help a business?

Flexibility in business can be tremendously important to ensuring that it runs successfully and new government changes to legislation could improve the situation yet further.


At the end of June, rights regarding the ability to request flexible hours will be extended to any employee – as long as they have 26 weeks’ service.


Previously, only those with children under 17 or those who act as carers could request flexible working hours, or bosses would have to allow such procedures.


A YouGov survey, commissioned by Croner has suggested that around a quarter of UK workers are likely to request flexible working once the new rules come into force.


Some 31% of 18-24 year-olds were the keenest group to ask their employer. Importantly, the new rules do not give workers a right to flexible working hours; it merely gives them the chance to request it.


Positive consequences from being more flexible


However, it is believed that such measures will have plenty of positive consequences for businesses that choose to allow a more flexible approach.


Of the businesses questioned, 27% said they thought businesses with flexible working hours were more productive, with 28% saying it reduced sickness and absence.


In 63% of cases, flexibility was listed as a major factor in enhancing a work and life balance, while 42% of respondents said it boosted staff morale.


Such factors could be influential on the cash flow of a business, especially where productivity is concerned.


Workers who are more productive are more likely to sell more, create more and ultimately deliver more finance to a business.


In situations where this is not the case, business turnaround procedures and alternative management plans could be used to recover the situation.


Ultimately, business finances and company success will decide what sort of working approach is adopted, but there are certainly positive factors that can come from a flexible working day.


By Phil Smith


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