Five essential steps for a successful business turnaround

Turning around the fortunes of a failing business requires careful strategic planning.  Here are just a few of the areas companies may need to address in a bid to create a more positive outlook for their business.


  1. Assess the factors that led to failure of the business


Conducting a thorough assessment of a company’s current processes and management structure will help businesses to identify if the failure of the business was prompted by factors such as ineffective management or failure to adequately tap into opportunities presented by the sector in which they operate.


  1. Outline key company values


Clearly defining the culture and values of a business will help all members of staff and investors to have a clear vision of the company’s aims and objectives. This well-defined culture can also form the foundation of the action plan needed to drive the company forward.


  1. Invest in people


Employing the services of outside organisations and individuals with a proven track record of supporting the process of a business turnaround may also help to provide the expertise and perspective needed to return a company to growth.


  1. Create and promote a new vision for the business


A failing business may have some work to do to convince employees and investors that it can return to a strong position in the market.


This is where creating and communicating a new vision for a company can serve to boost morale and give all facets of the company a benchmark to measure their businesses’ progress against.


  1. Formulate a strategic plan


Creating a strategic plan for the company, and working with members of the management team to implement this, will help to solidify a company’s vision and corporate culture.


Again, once the strategic plan has been created this information needs to be shared with employees, including how the changes will affect them, in order to ensure that all concerns can be voiced and addressed before the plan is finalised.


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