Embracing marketing to encourage business growth

Having a great idea or a great product is just the start for many businesses. A clever marketing plan can help them to really stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace.


Some items require very little marketing as the concepts themselves will be widely appealing, although putting it in front of the masses is often the most challenging part of the process.


Each business requires a strategy, regardless of size, which revolves around the product itself and how to sell it to the maximum number of people with the budget available.


Many companies can struggle with this process in the early days and it is why many can face the threat of liquidation or administration before they really get going.


In a lot of cases, issues with the strategy have led to the situation that the companies find themselves in, highlighting the importance of leaving no stone unturned.


The art of taking a product to market


Understanding how to market a product requires an understanding of the market that it will be placed in, the level of potential competition and the type of consumers you are targeting.


From advertising online, to using social media, emails and the like to contact customers, all are valid ways of encouraging customer interaction.


Social media is increasing in popularity due to the ease of connection between an employer and a consumer, as customer service can be greatly improved.


Unique selling points for each individual company can be what sets them apart from the rest, especially in sectors which are highly competitive.


Each company will have a different way of advertising and marketing itself, but it really is the end product that matters most.


Avoiding the threat of company administration can be essential and it would appear that 2013 was successful for many companies – there was a 6% fall in the number of companies entering administration, according to Deloitte.


Highlighting the kinds of services that are on offer can prove pivotal to ensuring the success of a company and marketing is the best means of doing this.


Any methods that encourage customer interaction could potentially boost a business, so it’s important that nothing is left to chance.


By Phil Smith


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