Cutting business costs in 2014

The start of a new year can provide the perfect time to reassess business operations and to decide if there are ways of cutting some unnecessary costs.


Some methods of saving can be relatively straightforward, while others can be more complex, but all have the potential to reduce the likelihood of financial difficulty.


Develop a safety cushion


Putting some finance aside for emergencies might seem as though it increases costs in the short term, but in the long run it’s possible to make a considerable saving.


Emergencies can cost a large amount of money to put right, but being able to use savings can mean the running of the business need not be adversely affected.


Saving for the future also increases the number of options available should a company wish to enter new fields of expertise or decide to withdraw from a particular sales area.


Online savings accounts can also accrue interest across the year that can help to offset the effects of inflation.


Tracking spending


The most difficult thing for companies looking to cut costs is to know exactly where the money goes in the first place.


By tracking spending it is possible to see where excess spending or unnecessary bills may be occurring and they can be dealt with as a result.


Leaving electrical items and lighting switched on, for example, can add considerable costs that could be cut, merely at the flick of a switch.


Consider insurance policies


Many business insurance policies can represent a considerable outlay, but comparing the available options could mean that savings can be made.


Lower premiums could represent a saving in the long term if a business ever needs to claim, while cheaper policies would provide immediate savings.


Companies are available to give corporate insolvency advice and guidance on issues surrounding restructuring should it be required.


These situations can often represent difficult times for companies, especially those that are smaller in size, but the correct assistance can help to lessen the severity of the situation.


By Phil Smith


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