Could the return of Jessops to the UK High Street signal a re-birth for numerous UK brands?

The combination of a well-known dragon and a bold new Twitter campaign has helped to re-launch retailer Jessops during this past week.


Peter Jones, the star of BBC’s Dragons’ Den, recently purchased the firm who slipped into administration earlier this year. The venture appears to have started well, with 6 new Jessops stores opening for business over the weekend and a vast amount of previous employees heading back to work as a result.


“I’ve been overwhelmed by the upbeat public response to the Jessops relaunch, both on the High Street and over Twitter”, the multi-millionaire claimed.


Is this the start of things to come?


The key question here may be whether or not this is simply a one-off case of revival or could it be the start of a widespread trend for companies that have previously gone out of business making a spectacular return?


The answer to that question may depend on where the Jessops story goes from here.


They are not the first British company to try and bounce back from going out of business, however they are one of the few who have attempted to do so in this strained economic climate. Ambitious investors and curious MDs from firms across the UK will be watching the Jessops story with great interest.


The recent budget certainly offers a number of incentives for businesses to move forward in 2013. If Jessops can create a feel-good story of improved fortunes then there is the possibility of a knock-on effect occurring within the business sphere.


Struggling companies may look to follow their lead and this could, subsequently, have a significant effect on the future of SMEs in this part of the world.


It really is a case of watch this space….now more than ever before.


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