Conquering social media for business success

Some firms can pour a great deal of money into marketing campaigns without ever tasting success – it’s the way business works and it’s widely accepted as a risk worth taking.


Making people aware of a business or product is vital to selling it, which is why so much emphasis is placed on marketing and advertising.


When done in the right way it can be incredibly effective, with brands becoming known solely through their adverts alone.


But what about marketing for smaller companies who don’t necessarily have the budget?


There remains a solution for them too – the busy and ever expanding world of social media.


Sites like Twitter and Facebook are free to use, and setting up company pages and accounts is a relatively straightforward and hassle-free process.


As a result it provides a marketing tool to push products and raise awareness, all while boosting connections with customers and suppliers.


The art of striking the right social media note


With sales playing such a key role, getting it right on these platforms can transform a business and could even stave off financial hardships should a company be struggling.


While company administration or insolvency procedures could be the initial port of call in such instances, there is no reason why social media should not form part of a long-term recovery plan.


It represents a simple and cheap option to put the name of a company out into the wider world of the internet, enhancing a brand both at home and abroad.


Social media generates customer links and engagement, enhancing their experience of the company concerned and increasing the likelihood of future return custom.


At the same time companies can also create content for their pages that is in line with what customers want to see and read.


This can develop more personable links and help to build the reputation of a firm in the initial stages, while it’s also possible to build links that could be mutually beneficial with other businesses.


Conquering social media does not need to be a time-consuming or tricky process, but it can potentially help to drive sales, boost reputations, and ultimately ensure the success of a business.


By Phil Smith


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