Company assets – do you know what you have?

It is important to take stock of things every now and again in the business world. This could involve stepping back and looking at whether your employees are sufficiently motivated, or even assessing what your client turnover is.


However, the most important element that smaller firms may need to take stock of is what assets they actually have….and whether they are being utilised as much as they could be.


There are a number of cases where directors and managers within SMEs may be so busy that they simply don’t have the time to take stock of their assets. However, should they be able to make the time then it could be a very worthwhile exercise.


It may be that you can work out a more effective way of using them in terms of the ground which you currently cover. If such a tactic helps you to develop your customer base further, it will be time well spent.


It is also important to assess the full extent of your assets if you feel that the business may be heading in a different direction entirely. It may be that you are struggling to perform as you need to and this has prompted you to consider bringing in insolvency practitioners to advise the business.


If you are considering taking this action, it is very important that you are able to state the full extent of your assets and their accompanying value.


Business restructuring specialists


A number of businesses may find themselves in a financially distressed situation in 2013 as numerous economic indicators suggest the remainder of the year could present obstacles for SMEs across the UK. Keeping track of your existing assets will be crucial in this scenario.


Seeking advice from a company insolvency specialist could also make a crucial difference in terms of how your company deals with the situation, companies such as this can provide practical solutions to numerous financial problems.

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