Businesses need awareness of mobile malware threats

Businesses with mobile applications and optimised websites could face a significant threat from mobile malware, according to new research.


Malware has tripled in the past year, compromising 82% of Android phone applications in that time, with the malware becoming increasingly malicious and invasive.


As a result, businesses with high levels of mobile usage could face significant issues, according to the study from McAfee.


The steep rise in malware has occurred through seemingly harmless phone applications, such as tools, which have then given cyber criminals the control over the devices in question.


Preventing potentially large outlays


This means access to personal and business data can be compromised, which could cost a large sum to resolve.


According to the study, 36% of apps are aware of users’ account information and more than a quarter read how apps are used on any given device.


With mobile technology apparently a crucial aspect of businesses in the modern day, due to being instrumental in delivering customer service benefits, this new research comes at a crucial time.


That information came from an Oxford Economics study, and the major concern is that the malware puts both SMEs and the larger organisations with which they do business at risk.


As a result, importance is placed on protecting the supply chains, as potential loss of data could cause widespread problems for many businesses.


Protecting business interests


If significant costs come as a result of a malware issue, companies running on tight budgets could face the need for a potential restructuring in order to cover costs, while insolvency could occur if the costs are simply too much to cope with.


Limiting potential data breaches are therefore of primary importance to ensure that any issues are not exacerbated, as they could potentially cause widespread damage.


Businesses that rely on mobile devices should ensure that they are aware of the vulnerabilities in the system and that all staff are trained in the correct use of the devices.


Having secure devices is also a great way of increasing protection as it means it is more difficult for other devices to enter the system without anybody knowing.


At the same time, protection on the network should be overly excessive to ensure that any issues can be dealt with quickly.


By Phil Smith


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