Attracting the best: How SMEs can find top staff

A strong workforce is often a driving factor behind business success, but how can smaller companies compete with the larger ones they face?


In truth, it is very difficult, but the focus for many should be on attracting – and retaining – the best that are available.


Many staff can be moulded into the ideal fit for a business with a little help and training, so expecting to find the finished article from the beginning should not be considered.


Finding the best candidates for a role might mean they need enticing – through solid pay or a number of additional perks and opportunities.


Given current conditions in the workplace, more people than before are prepared to be flexible and that can help in the long-term.


Recruitment is listed by many smaller businesses as an incredibly challenging process to overcome, due to both the finances required to do it effectively and by the difficulties in finding the right people for the roles.


People need to fit into business positions – not only should they fit into the team overall but they should also carry the ethos of the company with them – important if success is going to be forthcoming at a later date.


Not finding the right people for the role can have a disastrous impact for some businesses – it can reduce productivity and even result in financial loss.


In the latter cases, seeking corporate insolvency advice or help on how to run the business more effectively can help to overcome any issues.


Having staff that are capable of doing more than one role can also be useful – not only does it help in the event of illness but it also means they can step in if the work load builds up dramatically.


Careful management of staff will play a big part in their overall happiness in a role and this increases the likelihood of them staying within a particular firm.


When hunting for staff, keeping an open mind for what is required can open up more opportunities and can attract individuals who might otherwise not have considered the position.


Staff morale and motivation are key factors in any business success story with those who put time and effort in to staff more likely to achieve their goals.


By Phil Smith


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