3 non-essential costs that all companies can cut out

In the current financial climate it can be difficult for struggling businesses to determine if they are running their operation as efficiently as possible.


Strategic cost reduction is becoming essential for an increasing amount of UK companies, but many people struggle to figure out the best areas in which to make cuts and are wary of potentially being too aggressive in this regard.


So, what are the key cost-cutting measures that a struggling business should consider?


Are you getting the best deal on credit card payments?


If you have customers that regularly pay via credit cards, it could be a good idea to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal on payment processing. It wouldn’t be difficult to compare the market in this respect and it is exactly the kind of small step that could potentially lead to significant savings down the line.


Are your employees multi-skilled?


Multi-skilled employees can be a logical answer to a frustrating problem that faces companies everywhere. For a business that is already struggling, even one employee calling in sick for an extended period of time can affect the work balance significantly. However, if you ensure that all employees are up to speed with all the different areas of the business, you may be able to cut out the cost of having to hire a temporary replacement.


Address any existing bonus culture


Individual staff bonuses can be an effective way to motivate employees to work harder for the company and, in the process, achieve personal targets. However, it is important to consider whether or not somebody’s performance and commitment has genuinely merited a bonus that could potentially be put to better use elsewhere. It makes sense to address this culture in order to signal to employees that bonuses need to be earned rather than taken for granted.


A business insolvency specialist can assist business leaders and financial directors to deliver pro-active solutions for their business. This can include offering advice about necessary cost-cutting measures that could offer sustainable solutions to complex financial issues.

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