Through our extensive network of finance providers, you have access to various funding options, enabling you to release cash flow from the assets of your business.

Asset based lending

Use the assets of the business, such as plant & machinery property or debtors, to gain much needed funding to maximise working capital.

Asset based financing is a revolving loan secured by a company's assets. The funding will be secured against a multitude of assets within the business and this product serves to meet the requirements of clients who are asset‐rich, but in need of liquidity.

Invoice Finance – Factoring and Invoice Discounting

There are a variety of ways in which invoices can be funded. The two basic products are Factoring and Invoice Discounting.

Both products release up to 90 % of the value of the outstanding invoices. The funder takes a small fee ( typically less than1% of the invoice value) and charges interest while the invoices remain unpaid. Once the invoices are paid, the balance is returned to you.

The security taken is a Fixed and Floating charge, and depending on the financial strength of your business a personal guarantee may be needed.

Both Factoring and Invoice Discounting allow for fluctuations in turnover and trading terms and they are especially useful for fast growing businesses.

Within these two products are plenty of variations such as:

– Whether the customer is aware of the facility (disclosed and undisclosed)
– Whether the collections are outsourced to the finance provider openly or discreetly
– Whether bad debt protection is needed

At Moorfields Commercial Finance we have strong relationships with a number of providers and we will work together to tailor the facility to best suit the business requirements.

Inventory / Stock Finance

Use the inventory of your business as collateral to improve cash flow.

Inventory (also called Stock) finance is where the funder gives a loan to a business, or buys the stock on their behalf, using its inventory (the value in its stock) as collateral. This form of funding is often used by manufacturers of consumer products, where inventory tends to form a significant portion of the assets. At Moorfields Commercial Finance, our extensive network of asset based lenders are available to improve your business cash flow and we will work with you to ensure that the right option is selected at the best available rate.