I have a claim against the Company. How do I submit my claim?

The Administrators have written to all known creditors of the Company. Should they wish to submit an unsecured claim, trade creditors should complete and return a Creditor Statement of Claim Form and provide details of what they are owed.

All other unsecured creditors, including those with unfulfilled internet orders, TTTP agreements, gift cards, e-gift cards, paid for “click and collect” orders and any other claims can submit an unsecured claim by following this link: Please be aware that on the basis of information available, you are unlikely to receive any payment in relation to your claim.

Why is it unlikely that I will not receive any payment in relation to my claim?

The total debts of the Company are estimated at £1.1 billion. The Company has granted security to certain funders and as a consequence of the prevailing insolvency legislation, only £600,000 in total is likely to be available for distribution to unsecured creditors after the costs of the Administration.

As a consequence, based upon present information, an unsecured claim for £1,000 would only qualify for a distribution of around 55p towards the end of the Administration and it may take several years to finalise the Administration. It may therefore be the case that it is not deemed to be economically viable to effect a distribution to the Company’s unsecured creditors.