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Company News

Insolvency Service outlines plans for online filing for debtor’s own bankruptcy petitions

The Insolvency Service has confirmed that there are plans for debtors to file online petitions for their own bankruptcy and they won’t need sign off from an insolvency practitioner.
Posted on 30th June 2015 @ 2:42PM

Moorfields successfully secure sale of 145 Acre quest pit site in Bedfordshire

Property insolvency specialists Moorfields Corporate Recovery Ltd have successfully completed the sale of Quest Pit, Ampthill Road, Houghton Conquest.
Posted on 25th June 2015 @ 4:05PM

Jitters for landlords as election giveaways are announced

As polls continue to indicate that neither of the two main parties has pulled ahead in the battle for Number 10, a number of populist property related giveaways were announced over the weekend.
Posted on 28th April 2015 @ 11:17AM

Moorfields appointed Administrators over Pub/Restaurant Chain in the South East

Simon Thomas and Nick O’Reilly of leading restructuring and insolvency firm, Moorfields Corporate Recovery Ltd, were appointed Joint Administrators over Mountain Range Restaurants Limited on 1 April 2015.
Posted on 13th April 2015 @ 4:14PM

The new benefit of social media for Insolvency Practitioners

As part of the process of investigating the affairs of bankrupts and rogue directors, Insolvency Practitioners have always been able to peruse the Bankrupts notifications on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. Now, Insolvency Practitioners have the power, when the bankrupts are not co-operating, to notify Bankrupts of orders made against them by simply posting court orders on their…
Posted on 7th April 2015 @ 2:52PM

It has recently been announced by the Government that changes are due to come into effect to reduce the number of individuals entering Bankruptcy

The changes will allow approximately 3,600 more people a year with problem debt to enter into a Debt Relief Order (DRO) – a low cost alternative to bankruptcy for those with very low assets and income and debt which they are unable to pay. The maximum amount of debt that can be covered by these plans will increase from £15,000 to £20,000.
Posted on 1st April 2015 @ 3:19PM

Moorfields appointment Administrators over a Franchised Outlet of a Major Coffee Shop Brand

Simon Thomas and Nick O’Reilly of leading restructuring and insolvency firm, Moorfields Corporate Recovery Ltd, were appointed Joint Administrators over Smith Retail Limited t/a Lavazza Espression UK & Ireland on 2 March 2015.
Posted on 31st March 2015 @ 4:17PM

Insolvency Legislation Vs Employment Rights

Politicians have this week called for employees to be given better rights under the Insolvency Act, following the recent Administration of City Link.
Posted on 31st March 2015 @ 3:16PM

The average UK household will have unsecured debts of £10,000 by the end of next year, according to a report prepared by a leading accountancy firm

The figure includes spending on credit cards, bank borrowing and student loans, but excludes securing borrowing.
Posted on 27th March 2015 @ 10:04AM

Moorfields appointment Liquidators over a Music Retailer in West Sussex

Simon Thomas and Arron Kendall of leading restructuring and insolvency firm, Moorfields Corporate Recovery Ltd, were appointed Joint Liquidators over Beyond The Sea Limited on 5 March 2015.
Posted on 16th March 2015 @ 3:37PM
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Business Insights

How businesses are wasting billions of pounds on research

British businesses are wasting billions of pounds every year on research that is not of any use, a new study has claimed.
Posted on 7th July 2015 @ 4:49PM

Why SMEs need to consider their approaches to corporate governance

Corporate governance varies across nearly every organisation, regardless of its size, but smaller firms could benefit from a tailored approach.
Posted on 6th July 2015 @ 3:53PM

How small business are counting the cost of fraud

Fraudulent activity is costing the UK’s small businesses £18 billion every year, according to new research from Sage Pay.
Posted on 3rd July 2015 @ 3:53PM

Unpaid tax bills a major issue for UK firms

Unpaid tax bills were deemed a leading cause for HMRC applying to shut down businesses in the last year, according to new research.
Posted on 2nd July 2015 @ 1:02PM

How cutting business expenses can boost firms

Business running costs are among the leading outlays for any firm and will ultimately impact upon profits if not managed effectively.
Posted on 1st July 2015 @ 5:28PM

Could outsourcing aid UK small businesses?

Many small and medium sized enterprise leaders in the UK are still carrying out tasks beyond their listed job roles rather than outsourcing them, according to new research.
Posted on 30th June 2015 @ 2:29PM

Why do small businesses fear staff absence?

Smaller firms can be far more adversely affected as a result of staff absence than larger companies, simply because there are less available people to fill any gaps.
Posted on 29th June 2015 @ 2:29PM

Retailers call for government focus on productivity

British retailers have asked for government assistance to ensure that employees reach their full potential, a move they believe will aid economic growth.
Posted on 26th June 2015 @ 4:26PM

Start-ups experience unprecedented growth

The top start-up companies in the UK recorded unprecedented growth in the last year, expanding at six times the rate of the rest of Britain’s businesses.
Posted on 25th June 2015 @ 4:23PM

One third of businesses aren’t offering formal learning

Almost one third of business (31%) could be holding themselves back by failing to provide formal learning programmes to their staff.
Posted on 24th June 2015 @ 4:06PM
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